Facil Clothing

Facil Clothing is a Gambian undergarment brand that blends essentials with social empowerment with the aim to support the women of Africa. Inspired to bring easy access to affordable quality undergarments, Facil Clothing goes beyond products to provide employment for marginalised women in Gambia. As we support empowerment and ethical production, we create with every woman in mind and help break the cycle of poverty.

Our Philosophy

You likely give little thought to your undergarments — you don’t need to. You’re surrounded by options and various styles that are readily accessible down the street, or with the click of a button. This isn’t the reality in most African cities though, where quality underwear are a hot commodity. At Facil Clothing, we decided to cater to this untapped market with a dual mission to support the community we cater to. As we help the community of Gambia thrive, we champion the power of our social enterprise to change a country and the world. These are our principles.

Commitment to Quality
our core is a desire to create products that people want and truly love, and that starts with quality. Our designs are handmade in soft cotton with the intention to endure. All the while combining style, comfort and fit. Simply put, we ensure that nothing beats the comfortable fit of our underwear for our women.
Beyond Ethical Production
Beyond embracing a holistic approach to manufacturing that focuses on good health for all, we aim to elevate the lives of the communities we touch. As we embrace a social enterprise approach to business, we promise our main objective will be to have a social impact. Fair employment under excellent working conditions, is just the beginning.
Heart of the Community
Be have a customer approach that ensures we put our community at the centre of everything we do. At every step of the customer journey, we aim to be transparent and to offer a personalized approach. To get there, our teams work together to create a consistent, overall better experience for the people who shop our products and who make them.
Passion with Integrity
div class="mb-5">BWe are passionate about what we do, who we work with and above all, our social purpose. As we bring passion and integrity to the industry, we share the truth at every turn, while ensuring that everyone gets equal treatment. Our community can trust in our commitment to empower and uplift, every step of the way.

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