Ethical Underwear
T-shirts & More
All Made in Gambia

Social Impact

We started Facil Clothing
since we believe that creating jobs
is the best way to develop a country.
That's why our super comfortable clothes
are Made in Gambia by

our talented team of young women.

Do good. Feel good.

Facil means easy in many languages
and we want to make it easy to do good.
By wearing our clothes you will feel great
and help transform lives in Gambia.

Good salary. Good life.

We pay everyone in our team well.
In Gambia a single salary
usually supports up to 10 people.
All of our staff have bank accounts
and save money for the future.

Solar power.

Gambia gets eight hours of sunshine
every day on average.
That's why we produce
our own solar power

which currently covers
60% of our needs.

Poor country. Low prices?

Gambia is one of the
poorest countries in the world.
Paying fair prices is the best way
to make a country richer

That's why our clothes are not as cheap as
the fast fashion alternatives.

Not just clothes

We try to do as much as possible in Gambia.
We work with Gambian photographers,
models, printing & shipping companies, etc.
That way we help creating and
supporting even more jobs.

Made In Gambia

Facil makes underwear, tank tops, t-shirts for both men and women in Gambia. Our factory and shop is located in Gambia but we sell all over the world from our online store. The products and prices shown here are for our online store. For availability and prices in Gambia, please see Where To Buy. Shipping time is usually 3 to 4 weeks!