Facil Clothes

Our Why

We are a company born with the mission of creating positive social impact in the world. We are dedicated to manufacturing high quality underwear in Gambia, through a thorough and ethical process. This allows us to create sustainable jobs in Gambia while fulfilling our vision of providing comfortable, affordable and high quality underwear.

Every single time someone purchases one of our products, they are directly contributing and supporting our core cause. They are an immense aid in improving the everyday lives of the skilled young craftswomen who make our curated items.

On top of the above mentioned, every sale also directly supports Gambia’s development. Every order fulfilled allows Facil to sell the same high quality products in Gambia, at a much cheaper price. It has been proven that if more people from a particular location buy locally made products, it stimulates the local economy, growth and monetary flow bringing many benefits to all their citizens. Giving back while giving quality is what moves us.

Know more about Facil, read more (link to Our Story).

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