About us

Our company

Facil Clothing (aka "Facil") is a manufacturer and retailer of casual wear with it's own production in Gambia, West Africa. We're a product of passions and beliefs. Passion for simple and beautifully designed things. Belief in people and a making a difference. We are revolutionizing The Gambia's garment market and our community by employing youths to construct and sew our clothes. Our team is like a family and we are a great place to work. We love challenges and always try to learn and have fun while completing them!

Our philosophy

We want simpler, better alternatives for everyday basics. Being serious about the everyday routine, we think getting great underwear should be as simple as picking up the morning breakfast. We truly believe that the things we wear every day matter more than the things we wear only once in a while.

Our sustainable basics

Facil is a sustainable casual wear brand that celebrates the idea that fewer means better.We want to change the way people shop. We believe owning truly versatile clothing means you can buy fewer things, because each piece enables you to do much more. We feel passionate about creating pieces we’ll keep and wear season after season.

Our design

Facil is created with simplicity, comfort and functionality in mind. All our garments are designed in Sweden and crafted from the best cotton fabrics for a soft touch and a great fit. We aim to be experts on basics and don't do seasonal collections. Instead we put all of our time on developing and improving the products we all need. Our products are colourful; we are Gambians and love colour. We like to keep a low profile and let others do the noise. We create your everyday basics.


Our shop and factory is located next to GRA Office at Kanifing Layout, KSMD.

We're open weekdays 9 am to 5 pm.

You can also reach us by phone on 394 3001 / 293 3002​, or on WhatsApp at +220 394 3002.

We're only a 5 minute drive from Kairaba Avenue!